Wednesday, July 18, 2012

stay extended.

Six weeks is up.

And I am still here in Eutin!
The Eutiner Festpiele still has lots of work for me to do for the upcoming operas and concerts, so I have decided to extend my stay from six to nine weeks. 

One of my newest projects is to illustrate all of the lovely costumes in the operas. This project is perfect  because I love fashion illustration. 

Costumes from Nabucco.

Now that I have more time in Eutin, I will continue working on personal projects as well.
Here are some more concept ideas for the CD cover for the local band, 

Lot of traveling around these days. 
My host parents took us to see the Schloss in Schwerin. 
Schwerin is located in Mecklenburg,  Eastern Germany.

We also got to visit an adorable strawberry farm, Karl's Erdbeerhof. 

This is where I work, the Eutiner Festpiele Opern Scheune.

My host parents have asked me to draw a portrait of their dog, Lotta.
Lotta is their little princess so I wanted to make sure I drew her in a way that showed her personality.

the lovely hamburg & scharbeutz.

I have been so fortunate to have the chance to travel to the city of Hamburg two times in the past few weeks. This city is just buzzing with excitement. It is very different as there is a beautiful, historical harbor, lots of wonderful shopping, and plenty of yummy food. Not to mention, the Hamburg people are so friendly and helpful. 

While I was walking around on my second trip to Hamburg, I discovered this magical building.

This is my residence of dreams. 

The most perfect coffee corner, Balzac Kaffee. 
Near the Rathaus Market in Hamburg. 

There are old buildings and new buildings in Hamburg. 
The Harbor is surrounded by lots of new, and very elegant architecture. 

Another wonderful town I have visited is Scharbeutz.
This is located on the Bay of Lübeck which is surrounded by the Baltic Sea. 
The perfect beach town.

Scharbeutz, as well as many of the other beach towns, have "baskets" on the shoreline.
These baskets are adorable, little shacks for families or individuals to hang out in all day, eat and drink, and listen to waves roll in. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

the life, the work, the beauty of it all.

this is my lunch break, daily. 
milchkaffee in the eutin marktplatz, sketching and writing the wonderful sights to be seen.

Lately, Casey and I have been working more at the Eutiner Festpiele Opern Scheune. We have helped design several posters for upcoming chamber concerts held by the festpiele. 
Here is one of our posters for one of the concerts. I did the hand lettering and Casey drew the illustrations. 

Eutin is still just perfect. 
I wake up every morning and see this from my window.

 this is on my bike ride to work, in the Opern Scheune.

everywhere you look there are roses, sehr schön!

I have grown accustomed to winding down at night with wine, cookies, and my sketchbook. 
It could not get better than this.

            Casey and I have begun work on our second and third posters for the chamber concerts.
                  Here is some work in progress for the vocal concert poster, "Opera a la Carte"

We are still doing work for the Ostholsteiner newspaper. 
Here is a piece that was printed in the newspaper last week and here is the link the article:

Eutin is not only a beautiful place, but it is full of wonderful people as well. 
People that are friendly and kind, but also are very talented. 
I have made a friend here that is a very talented musician and is a member of the band Twentyfour/Seven. 

This friend has asked me to help design their new album's cd cover and I am thrilled to begin work on it. I have barely began sketching ideas for the cover, but I had to share because I am quite excited. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

opening concert & the wasserturm

Very exciting time here in Eutin! The Eutiner Festpiele has begun. The opening orchestra performance was last night and what a beautiful evening it was. There was wonderful music, perfect weather, happy people, and a sunset that filled the sky with pink, orange, and purple.

 Once again, Casey and I were asked to draw at the event.

We are still making illustrations for the Ostholsteiner newspaper every week as well.
This week I went on top of the Eutin water tower (the wasserturm) to make an image of the arieal view of the city. 

Along with drawing at events and for the newspaper, we will now begin designing promotional posters for the festpiele. This past week, I did some hand lettering for a poster design for a musical night in Eutin.

busy bees.

These past two weeks have been just filled with drawing and painting! Luckily, we are in one of the most beautiful little towns so no matter where you look, you will find inspiration.
We had the opening reception for the Lyonel Feininger comic exhibit in the Volksbank and Casey and I were asked to draw caricatures of the people there. We were a  bit nevous as neither of us have had very much experience drawing caricatures, but it ended up being so fun! Everyone at the event wanted there picture done.
warm up sketches at the exhibition!

 I loved Kieler Wöche so much! Tried representing it's greatness through this sketch, but it could not even compare.
 Illustrations for the Ostholsteiner newspaper.

 The final version of my first newspaper illustration that has now been sold to a man from Eutin.

In addition to drawing and painting, Casey and I have been lucky enough to explore this gorgeous city.

One of our favorite places we have seen was the Eutiner Schloss.

 On Saturday's in Eutin, there is a lovely farmer's market in the marktplatz.

The beauty of this to is so unbelievable I have tried documenting it through pictures, but it is impossible.